Inkscape AI compatible EPS exporter

Edit: I moved the script to GitHub, go there for full information and downloads.

This script converts an Inkscape SVG to Adobe Illustrator 7 compatible EPS. The generated EPS file uses custom Illustrator PS operators, and includes PostScript processes that stands in place of said operators when the file is not opened with Adobe Illustrator.

Reporting issues

Please report issues using the project’s github issue tracker, and upload a minimal SVG file that can reproduce the error.


If you create some graphics and export it with this script, the copyright of the exported image belongs to you, your are free to do with it whatever you want.


  • Afta says:

    Hi, thanks for your work, i really need it, btw can i use your extension for commercial use (ex : for submit shutterstock) 😀

    • Prim András says:

      Sure, that’s exactly why I’ve written it.

      • Kesan says:

        dapatkah saya menggunakan ekstensi Anda untuk penggunaan komersial (mis: untuk mengirim shutterstock) 😀

        • Prim András says:

          I put your comment into Google Translate, and I beleive that the answer is yes. I’ve added a paragraph about copyright to the text.

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