About me

My name is András Prim. Here is a photo for identification:

Prim András

I was born in 1979. I am an informatic engineer and teacher. I live in south-west Budapest.

My astrological sign is irrelevant. According to a test, my personality is phlegmatic:

– Come, take this personality test!
– How long is it?
– 50 questions.
– Then I don’t care.


  • Aji says:

    Thank you fery much

  • Marty DeVarennes says:

    I would like to cite your image, the gator image from openclipart.org. May I use your name? You only have a user name on their website.

    • Prim András says:

      You may do that, however citing my username would make people easier to find my other cliparts.

  • carla says:

    Hi: I have a question about a treehouse clipart you posted on clker.com. Did you create that yourself or did you use another illustration as inspiration?
    Thank you, Carla

    • Prim András says:

      Dear Carla!
      I did it myself. To avoid copyright issues, I never use direct references for cliparts. My inspiration was that as a child we did have a little wooden hut in our garden, and a rope ladder on a tree.
      Anyway, I upload my cliparts to openclipart.org, the other sites are grabbing them from there.

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